I.CON SPA: Wellness e Cargotecture

The “cargotecture”, the recycling and transformation of cargo containers into structural architecture elements, has made its entrance in the world of wellness. i.con spa is the brand-new point of contact between wellness and sustainable architecture: the new concept by Starpool takes shape with i.con sauna, i.con steam and i.con relax, where Finnish sauna, steam bath and relaxation area are developed inside containers.

Starpool has recently previewed these new wellness cabins, available in the 10- or 20-feet versions. The possible configurations of i.con sauna, i.con steam and i.con relax are numerous in terms of equipment, coatings, materials, colors and design. All of Starpool products can be adapted to this new concept where, once again, the tradition of wellness is adjusted to our time and our new needs.

Utmost attention is paid to details, both in terms of design and function, in a vision that is completely focused on the guest. These units are structurally very adaptable: they can be moved, repositioned and installed very easily and without constraints. The access ramps to the container are also conceived in terms of accessibility and so as to eliminate any architectural barrier.

i.con spa is ideal for every context: in the open-air spaces of hotels of all sizes, as well as in your own garden.

With a versatile and dynamic perspective and a green approach, i.con spa is a revolution of the idea of wellness. It is possible to customize the external coatings, finishings and materials with the “Mountain”, “Urban”, “Country” and “Beach” moods to perfectly harmonize i.con spa with the surrounding environment.

It’s a dream come true: feeling good and in tune with the environment – wherever we are.

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