What is a chain? Expochain

What? A chain?
Ehi man are you kidding me?
There is no more a person on earth that doesn't know what a chain is.
Where have you been? Are you connected?
Oh...yes...and what am i supposed to do with a chain? ...especially with a plastic one, that is not even useful for tying the bike to the pole?
hold on! you are with the right “doctor”, let me explain to you, sit down and listen...
You can delimit areas, separate rooms, create handles for bags, keep your glasses around your neck and do not lose them, fasten it to the gutter to bring the rainwater to the ground, put one next to each other to create a "see-through" tent, use it to hang up a lightweight painting, attach it to your basement's is cheap, colourful and not heavy...
it is the great c.v.m. chain,  and it has many uses.

And you, what do you need it for?
Unleash your imagination...and if you lack it, come and visit us for more ideas.

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© — All rights reserved.