Local is Lekker

Tableware inspired by the art of Japanese dining

Local is Lekker

('Lekker' is a Dutch and Afrikaans word meaning all things nice)

Size and volume of European tableware vastly differs from Japanese variations. Japanese tableware is much smaller, distinctive and designed for a Japanese way of eating.

Whilst living in Arita Japan, Shaakira was inspired by Japanese food culture and her eating lifestyle altered mainly because the tableware she was using there was different in size compared to what she was used to. The manner of eating and principles behind Japanese dining fascinated her and provided the inspiration for this project. After studying Moritsuke - the art of Japanese dining, she designed and made a porcelain plate set.

By deconstructing a standard European sized plate of 27cm, which is equivalent to an IKEA sized plate, she began to localize the plate to accommodate Moritsuke and local food principles. She created a series of plates to encourage foreign visitors to Japan to eat in a more local way, without being afraid to try a seemingly complex yet uniquely simple Japanese cuisine.

The plates were made using a specialised pressure casting manufacturing technique. The work is executed in local Amakusa porcelain and made in collaboration with the 'Space-Arita' Saga University.


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