Designers Shaakira Jassat

Relishing at the internode of poetry, analysis and design, Shaakira Jassat's work involves extensive research with an experiential methodology. Her past experience in the architecture field as well as her upbringing in a young democracy in South Africa play a role in informing her current work.

She is a graduate of Interior Architecture from the University of Pretoria in South Africa and a more recent graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven in the the Netherlands. She is the sole founder of Studio Sway, yet the nature of the work at Sway is such that it may call on experts from respective fields, thus making it multidisciplinary. She believes that design should function as a form of social engagement and that it is up to designers to alter the status quo.

Shaakira has presented her works on stage at the Design Indaba Conference in Cape Town in 2018 and at the African Crossroads event in Kenya in 2019. Her latest work has been exhibited in Ottawa, Vancouver, Berlin, Eindhoven and Mombasa.

Studio Sway


Nation: South Africa