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Pinea - Genuine Conviviality

Pinea is a shelter where preserve ourself from the frenzy life. Inside this rebalancing sanctuary of restless conviviality it happens to rediscover a respectful and genuine approach to ingredients, a natural response to the environment where the food is prepared and consumed.  The contact with ingredients that later on will be transformed into food, celebrate the primordial emotions, similar to the feelings we passed through the developing of the constituent material of the kitchen. 

Pinea appears as a complex sectional project where the traditional kitchen’s components intersect and disrupt the usual linearity of the shapes, empowering the single functional elements. 

The project thinking sources from morphological shapes of the past and pass through a contemporary reimagining of surfaces, enriched by a graphic language that draws the facades of the kitchen with linear patterns, experimenting the use of ecological material. 

The research has been focused on the reuse of conglomerated grits and sands, compounded and crafted to reach a digital aesthetic with natural and material feeling. 

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Since ancient times, concrete has been the architectural’ s basic ingredient, enabling unexpected and daring solutions thanks to technical developing and research.

Concreto, developed by our partner and named Ductal®, mix mineral finest powder with thin organic fibers: the result is a flexible and moldable material, waterproof and exceptionally resistant. The presence of intrusions is designed to draw geometrical patter on the compound’s surface and to deliver one-of-a-kind look.


Mixtia is a compound with multiple features that perfectly match with the kitchen environment; scratch-proof and high temperature resistance moreover the moldable body, make this quartz-resin conglomerate perfect to shape flat or complex surfaces.

Stone grit’s inclusions translated into graphic pattern enable custom looks for door’s facades and freestanding basins.


Recollected scraps and discards of Italian traditional building materials like quartz, granite and porphyry, are grinded into a mix and then pressed and compacted into small tiles. This innovative production cycle doesn’t cook the item but simply press and dry it, without the use of any glue or resin and does not generate any emission of CO2 or pollution.

The small tiles are attached to the door following a precise draw that design the surface pattern.

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