The idea


While visiting Goude glass I was inspired by their amazing ability to bend glass. They also have a facility to make mirrors and silvering glass. We decided combine these qualities in a new bended mirror. We first worked on proposals to come to new outcomes. During the design process we communicated a lot on what was possible.

The gilding from the visit to Atelier du Doreur was a very nice way to get in contact with a very old cast. We decided to highlight the outline of the mirror with a gilded edge.


“We had a very nice dinner in France to get to know each other. I think informal meeting are always crucial for a project to make it work!”


The birth of the project


We focused on combining forces. Design, industry and craft. The visit to Atelier du Doreur and Goede glass was crucial to get an understanding of what and how they were doing things. This lead to the bended mirror I designed. Without the visit this would have not been possible.


It is a new hybrid form. First to make a very unique bended mirror for inside or around a corner or going from floor to ceiling.

We believe this mirror will stand out from other mirrors due to the fact that it is a continuous line moving around a corner. The magic of liquid glass.

The creative process


The development and process went very well due to the great expertise of Atelier du Doreur and Goude glass. I think the challenge is to combine forces and look at what everybody can do best.


The collaboration


All went very well due to the great experience there is. By joining forces we can do and make things we usually don’t make and do.

The future


We will hopefully sell the product to private collectors, retail designers and interior architects. Hopefully we can also do custom special editions.


The message


Collaborations are crucial. Sharing knowledge and experience is a key factor into making good design.


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