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Ripamonti penthouse

Penthouse with terrace in the heart of Milan

A penthouse with terrace in the heart of Milan that has natural light as its protagonist. The project created for Casa Ripamonti starts right from there, with the sun dominates the division of spaces and the non-invasive solutions from the desire to leave them as open as possible. Here comes the light bookcases to separate the rooms and an imposing staircase with handrail of glass protection to allow the rooms being naturally lighten. The light radiates, above all, from the French windows that run around the perimeter of the apartment and from the glass roof which the sun's rays enter in the daytime and at night you can look at the stars. Essential lines, a chromatic palette made of bright colours such as red and neutral shades like white make Casa Ripamonti a project in which the modern and minimal design of the furniture harmoniously combines with the need of lights and to maximise the outdoor spaces. From the modern and functional kitchen, passing through the living room with retro design touches such as the TV console and the table with marble top and precious seats, each room overlooks the wooden floor terrace, optimised even the details as in the display some plants. The extra touch is the white awnings that shelter from the sun but at the same time do not cover it completely, creating a striking result, both during the day and at sunset.

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