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Dome Milano Studio was founded in 2015 with the idea of ​​making the soul of the architecture studio coexist with the design and interior design, making the materials that can be seen on the street, characterizing the projects, thus immediately creating a direct contact with the client.

The studio offers the possibility to revolutionary change your home, to live it in a different way, to have different experiences through colors, materials, shapes.

It always starts from ideas of giving life to every single project, and to do so we let ourselves be guided by experiences and aims. Everything starts with an idea but not everything can be realized becoming a project: this is where the vision towards the world and the style of Dome intervenes.

A vision that begins from afar then down to the last detail: design, for Dome, means to keep all these moments together and claiming a look of the world and home, as a fundamental core.

Our architecture studio takes care of the realization, step by step, of all the phases of the project: from the initial idea that we develop after a conversation with the client from which we try to understand the needs of both style and functionality, passing to the presentation of a moodboard with a material palette and color tone, up to the attention to detail that makes the difference. Dome Milano Studio listens to your stories and comunicate with the competence and creativity of our professionals.

Dome today, after only 5 years, designs and renovates houses in Italy and all over the world: from Paris to London, from Hong Kong to Singapore, from Tel Aviv to New York, from Dallas to Los Angeles.

Dome Milano Studio
Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 4
Milano, Italy

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