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Zanotta Stories: Back to emotions 2020 collection

Zanotta joins the programme of the event Milano Design City and opens the doors of its showroom at the Excise Buildings in Porta Garibaldi, where all the new products are displayed in the exhibit “Zanotta Stories: Back to emotions". The evening of September 30th will be dedicated to the Compasso d'oro Lifetime Achievement 2020 to Sacco with the event "Zanotta Stories. People love Sacco".

Zanotta Stories: People love Sacco | Event on 30 September at 6.00 p.m.

with Olimpia Zagnoli and Miro Zagnoli interviewed by Marco Sammicheli: two generations in comparison on the Sacco between illustration, photography and life stories. 

The window of the showroom facing Piazza XXV Aprile 16 will be dedicated to Sacco (design Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro) that was awarded by Adi the Compasso d’Oro Lifetime Achievement this year. On September 30th the event People love Sacco will celebrate this important acknowledgement and the square will become the open-air backdrop where many Sacco will be exposed in bright colours.


Zanotta Stories: Back to emotions | Exhibition from 28  September to 10 October

The title recalls the sentiment of the Zanotta 2020 collection, as interpreter of the need to have a more authentic and empathic design, introducing a new value system in the connection between people, furnishings and home. Zanotta stages daily life. 

Zanotta interprets the idea of a real-world home, with usable, ethical and sustainable design, aimed at expressing a synthesis of approaches. The result is a collection characterised by simplicity, free of superfluity, but rich in functional content and innovative solutions, made with long-lasting natural materials. A purity capable of generating the emotional empathy required to transform a mere space into a place with an identity.


This philosophy demands that all products in the new collection be made with simple, easy to assemble components. The resulting image of elegant simplicity conceals the rich content they offer. Back to emotion is a sophisticated offering of original products capable of responding to the real needs of their users while evoking sensations and emotions that enrich everyday life.


For Zanotta, design must express meaning: it must have a soul and the capacity to establish a relationship with the user. It is only in this way that drawings can become timeless products whose utility never fades.


Back to emotions is composed of six products:

Nena (design: Lanzavecchia + Wai), an armchair conceived as the tailored interpretation of a comfortable embrace, expressed in the eclectic language of soft, enveloping upholstery supported by a lightweight frame;

Dove (design: Ludovica+Roberto Palomba), a sofa made of large cushions, the ideal expression of comfort and simple homeliness in daily life. Dove (means where) relaxing, Dove (where) being together with the family, Dove (where) welcoming friends;

Tucano (design: Monica Förster Design Studio), an elegant writing desk with a leather cover, supported and shaped by curved tubular members which outline a sinuous frame. The ideal companion for working from home;

Ricordi (design: Spalvieri & Del Ciotto), a bed which marries the comfort of an upholstered headboard with the strong visual impact of its simple construction and eclectic detailing. It breathes authenticity and evokes the homely image of bedsheets hung out to dry in the wind;

Rider (design: Ludovica+Roberto Palomba), the rocker chaise longue reduced to a single element, finely balanced between handicrafts and technology, it outlines a safe space in which the user can abandon himself to total relaxation;

Dan (design: Patrick  Norguet), an evolving chair design based on a minimalist frame which can support two types of seat, depending on the user's taste and application: the more radical, hi-tech option consists of a seat and backrest formed of coloured elastic straps, while the more elegant solution features an upholstered seat and back covered in high quality cowhide.


Zanotta has arranged a web-site dedicated to the novelties, where each product is featured in landing pages with multimedia contents telling inspiration, moodboard and project in details.


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Design by Patrick Norguet Project year 2020


A constantly evolving concept based on the architectural principle of construction with basic elements for expressing oneself

Dan lends itself to infinite variations, now presented in two very different versions, both contemporary: with elastic straps or with leather cover. An essential, visionary and technically innovative project: the belts come from the automotive sector, making them functional, performing and comfortable elements with great communicative power.

A single structure in folded tubular steel, composed of a few essential elements, without screws, easy to assemble and disassemble, to be covered with a custom dress.

Dan adapts to the personality of those who choose it: enhances persoanal tastes and uniqueness with the possibility of writing messages or adding graphics. A single architecture to implement different chair designs and imagine different life scenarios, from home to office, from cafes to restaurants.


“The name Dan recalls the grades placed on the Japanese jiujitsu belts. An individual strip, which tells its own story, a three-dimensional textile element "(Patrick Norguet).


Design by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba Project year 2020


Like an island, a nest, where to live, share, take refuge and feel at home

A confidential and discreet product that enters life and adapts to the needs of those who use it, bringing empathy and emotion into people's lives. Details found in the double stitched seams, in the curves that form the cushions and armrests, adapted for resting the neck and back during relaxation. A sofa made of few components: a base, two feet and three soft cushions to create a cocooning and welcoming effect. An island in which to take refuge, to read, work, talk with friends or be with the whole family.

"A place to be yourself, in a cuddle, in a gesture of affection"




Design by Lanzavecchia+Wai Project year 2020


A daily glimpse, a life project together in a new home

The story of Nena is that of a dynamic iconic armchair, recognisable by the contrast between the minimal structure and the comfortable and generous seat size. An object born from an investigation into comfort, which reinterprets the typical female characteristics of balance, softness and dynamism. Its name comes from the personalisation of "Nina" in a new, even lighter and more welcoming expression: Nena.

Study of the details: removable cover in leather or fabric thanks to the zip concealed by a rouche that outlines the elegant roundness of the backrest Nena relays the comfort of an armchair into a small table armchair, ideal for the home and relaxation, but also for a work environment or restaurant, continually creating new narratives.


Design by Spalvieri & Del Ciotto Project year 2020


An intimate object, the purity of a vivid memory, of everyday life, simple and authentic.

Starting again from memories: thinking back to the simple things, genuine, necessary

A bed with a simple structure and impeccable details, which describes the intimacy of life. The padded headboard gives comfort when reading, the horizontal rod and the feet are in matt black painted metal and fit softly into the natural or black-stained ash of the vertical uprights and the structure covered in fabric. Search for empathy and confidence between the object and those who use it, back to a time when things were made to last and accompany the beauty of life over the years.



The bed sheets hung out to dry in the sun

the caress of the wind that comes in through the windows in spring

the pleasure of falling asleep with the song of the cicadas

the grandparents' bedroom, made up of a few and

indispensable things

when things were simple


for Zanotta"

(Spalvieri & Del Ciotto)


Design by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba Project year 2020


A moving object, a person, a dream of great freedom: life

Engaging the senses in a perfect balance between craftsmanship and technology: the scent of leather, the softness of the textiles and the comfort of the materials. A small movement of the foot generates the tilting action, giving emotion and creating a special bond with the object.

A continuous sign realised in a unique, modern, clear, ironic form, to be lived in a thousand different ways: a new typological archetype.


"Things that make us dream:

a sea voyage,

a rocking daybed

lull yourself to music,

a look of understanding "

(Ludovica + Roberto Palomba)


From poetry to the project: a space for the self, where one can abandon oneself to an elevated feeling of relaxation.


Design by Monica Förster Project year 2020


Essential and authentic, almost "primitive", based on the search for natural materials

A discreet, elegant, sculptural desk, an expression of refined simplicity and design synthesis.

Attention to detail can be found in the visible rivets placed on the corner joints and in the new way of processing the leather whereby the thickness is tapered to create a depression that runs along the entire perimeter of the surface top. Leather, an ancient material, precious and at the same time raw, contemporary and timeless. The matte black tubular steel structure draws a continuous profile and creates the support for the thin top, made with a single piece of leather that rests on the structure, leaving only some parts uncovered.

A functional and refined desk in durable and quality materials: an ideal work companion for the home environment and for hospitality.


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