The art of making connection
Nicholas Bewick

With its universal quality, the quality with which it was invented and created, in the solidness of its materials - the 6x6 system, conceived by Nicholas Bewick for the Mantuan company, Cesare Roversi, aims with strength and clarity to achieve a product based on Italian tradition, which satisfies the new needs of interior design architecture.

6x6 is not simply a product, but an open solution that uses a system of natural wooden frames which can be personalised with different finishing materials and accessories to create unlimited furnishing configurations and space dividers suited to any type of room. Thanks to its connecting system, the structure and components can be easily assembled and disassembled for future re-adaptation.

The 6x6 system was designed to become a true instrument in the hands of architects and designers, and for this very reason the Cesare Roversi company launched the “ROVERSI DESIGN AWARD” contest, where the 6x6 system could be applied to any context: open to connect, open to work, open to home, open to host, open to display.

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