"Every woman knows the problem of some times having to choose comfortable clothing instead of original ones. Because you have a busy day ahead or it is not the right occasion for it. You also often do not wear original garments every day, because you are afraid that they will get dirty or sweaty and that they will have to be specially treated by the dry cleaner afterward. We are changing that with the OCCAY collection. So that women can wear authentic clothing without being limited by comfort."

OCCAY, focusses on the development of a sustainably crafted womenswear collection suitable for multiple occasions and times. This collaboration between Max Zara and INDUO® aims at boosting the dynamic lifestyle of woman by offering durable high-quality garments, with stain and sweat-resistant that allows freedom of movement. Without compromising on elegance.


From a personal fascination with the body as a way to express, Max Zara designs womenswear wherein movement plays a leading role. She always works with a live model, which enables her to undertake three-dimensional research and highlight the movement and wearability of the design. Max Zara tries to unite her designs with the body and its flow by listening to the voice of the material worn, therefore she starts with the development of the material used. Collaborating with INDUO®, whose fabrics are both at the cutting-edge of technology and made out of natural fibres was therefore evidence to create a collection that empowers women. They have now developed an organic black version of this material together.


Through this collection, we want to share the artistic necessity of fashion as well as the importance of quality and durability in design. Fashion influences people on a personal, cultural, and social level, and this is why the value of the industry should be celebrated in a way that the current fast consuming industry is failing to do so.

We believe in the value of fashion and its role in expressing an individual's voice, personality, and beauty. As such, we are creating a durable, empowering, original womenswear collection with innovative fabrics.


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