Movimento club Visual exhibition - Milan Design days

Global collective of emerging designers - Visual exhibition

What is Movimento?

Movimento is a project started by Artefatto Design Studio to encourage and support young designers and emerging brands, who very often don’t get the recognition they deserve, by promoting their work though various channels. Movimento was created to give these individuals visibility by coming together as a singular collective. Movimento has a strong belief that together we can achieve more.

Movimento is an ever-growing collective of emerging designers and brands, as well as a place for design enthusiasts and professionals to discover and purchase new design from all over the world. Movimento gives young designers and brands a physical and online platform to show their work to the world. Movimento is launching this year with its first selection of members, each bringing their own unique vision of design to Movimento. Movimento members are chosen for their originality, creativity and passion for what they do.

The launch of the Movimento collective and online platform will be in conjunction with Milan Design Week. The ‘Unseen Forms’ exhibition will be the first glimpse into Movimento. All the exhibitors’ work will be available for purchase at the show and online, with the aim of promoting these young designers and emerging brands on the biggest stage in the design world.

Who is exhibiting?

Each member of Movimento will exhibit one or more item from their collection of works in an exhibition carefully curated by London based design studio, Artefatto. Although Movimento focuses on contemporary design, the exhibitors hail from a variety of countries, backgrounds and fields. The result is a huge range of design approaches, forms, materials and production techniques on show.

The works selected by Movimento take aspects from both commercial, high-end furniture and collectible design, offering striking, groundbreaking and luxury products that can work in interiors and galleries alike. The pieces on show have been hand-selected to ensure variety and originality. Many of the pieces will be brand new for 2020 and exhibited for the first time at the Movimento Exhibition and sold exclusively through Movimento.

Why should you be there?

The International nature of Movimento means that the pieces on display will provide an insight into design influences from around the world. For many of the members, this will be the first time they have exhibited during Milan Design Week, so you can expect to discover lots of new pieces and more importantly new designers you haven’t come across before. Expect an eclectic range of products, each with its own design language and approach set within a carefully designed exhibition.

After the inaugural ‘Unseen Forms’ exhibition, Movimento will begin to roam. You will see Movimento making appearances at various design events throughout the year as well as online all year long, allowing you to discover new design all the time.




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