Designer Anneluus Vermeersch

A’sch is the creative project of Anneluus Vermeersch, a 26 year old civil engineer architect and furniture designer. Contrasts between new materials, techniques, geometry, and familiar objects summarize recurring themes of A’sch. In the available portfolio techniques such as 3D Printing clash with traditional handmade ceramics in Vaas, established designs are broken by Strik and Onderzetter evaluates what to expect of household items. All the products are designed and produced in Belgium.

Vaas questions the different functions a vase encompasses. Fundamentally, a vase provides water and supports its contents. These are the two essential functions that constitute a vase.
The first function is provided by the bowl. In order to serve its purpose it needs to be made from a water tight material like ceramics and shaped into a form with an opening. Since the contents of a vase tend to be short lived the volume of water can be minimal.
The second function has a different rule set to comply with. There is no need for a solid structure, no specific requirements for materials and more freedom in terms of shape, as long as it provides support. The outer structure of the VAAS fulfils this function and highlight the freedom of shape. Its material choice is purposefully bold by opting for a 3D printed volume which would be near impossible to create via traditional techniques.
In combining the two, the vase is reconstructed and functions as a whole. Both elements reinforce each-other through their contrasting shapes and materials. The bowl is small, fragile and built through traditional techniques while the hull is eclectic, free and built from a new material. From some angles VAAS looks wild while a simple perspective change shows its pleasing symmetric geometric forms. The position of the bowl in the hull allow the user to reinforce either one of these perceptions.

Nazione: Belgium