Designer Living Colour

Living Colour is a collaborative biodesign project by Dutch designers Laura Luchtman and Ilfa Siebenhaar. Living Colour explores an alternative to synthetic textile dyes derived from petrochemicals by using natural occurring bacteria that produce pigments, as well as creating a new natural aesthetic. The designers bridge the world of design and science, by combining their design studios with microbial laboratory research, which they execute with the help of microbiologists, biotechnologists and chemists. 


Laura Luchtman is the designer and owner of Kukka, a textile and surface design studio with a focus on experimental colour and material research for a sustainable future, established in 2010. Kukka is based in the innovative fashion hub De Wasserij in Rotterdam. Laura Luchtman, the creative mind behind Kukka, is a frequent speaker and panellist at international events about biodesign and the future of fashion and textiles.


Ilfa Siebenhaar is the designer and owner of Studio Ilfa Siebenhaar, a studio specialised in fashion design and research in biodesign. By collaborating with other designers and scientists, the studio aims to find better, more sustainable solutions and new aesthetics for the current fashion industry. Its main focus is on innovation in the design processes and the impact it has on the environment. Studio Ilfa Siebenhaar is based in the innovative fashion hub De Wasserij in Rotterdam.

Nazione: Netherlands