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The process and result is like that of dipping a wire frame into a soap solution; a minimal surface film is created whose boundary is the wire frame itself. For a given frame there exist several minimal surfaces with different areas and combinations, as the frame goes beyond 2 dimensions. This interaction of curved structures and their minimal surfaces is central to the entire collection. The elegance and unique soft streamlined character of these lamps are the result of the direct organic process. The lamps are made by tightly stretching fabric around hand bended metal profiles. The result is highly dynamic organic volumes. The lamps look different from every angle, suggesting lightness and perpetual movement. While endless variations are possible, the designs are reduced to their archetypal essence. The semi transparent fabric that is used accentuates the light airiness. Through the different layers one can perceive the attractive lines as well as a strong moiré effect, created by the inexact superimposed layers of the patterns formed by the knitted fabric. Concentric rings dart and flicker with the slightest head movement. As an option, copper wire can be knitted along the length, accentuating the moiré effect and adding a warm golden hued glow. A warm white LED strip is incorporated in the frame. The lamp is thus illuminated from its edges, equally dispersing the light throughout the volume, producing a pleasant, diffuse glow.

Nazione: Belgium
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