Designer Trend Agency Move

Trend Agency Move was founded by trend watcher Renske Mennen in 2016. She established the agency to serve companies and organizations who wish to create a better future. By knowing what is now and what is next, it is possible to come up with concepts and design strategies which make this world a more beloved place to live. Trendwatcher Renske Mennen: “I do this all for the growth of care, confidence and respect for our future-self.”

Renske is constant searching for the innovators of our society of tomorrow. To do this, she is in touch with a bunch of designers from all over the world. She talks to them to understand the values they want to communicate via their designs. Renske summarizes the development of our society via new and upcoming designers.

Nazione: Netherlands
Data di nascita: 26/07/1993
(30 anni)
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