Brand Re-Volt

We are Re-volt. A brand, a philosophy, but most of all a bunch of creatives and crafstmen. We aim to develop lighting, firstly, that is sustainable on the one hand, and beautifully designed on the other. Nice pieces of interior design in other words, which can be passed on generation after generation. Not only because of their quality, but because they’ve been shrouded in timeless design. And because we believe that only that which doesn’t change is ultimately interesting in a world where change, at an ever-increasing pace, is becoming the new constant.

Re-volt is the newest member in the Rotor-family, which purposefully resists the instant, disposable culture that seems to also have entered the world of design. Instead the brand chooses to create lighting that endures, both in terms of quality and design. For instance, every part of the armature can be replaced, which prevents it from being cast off at the first defect. Moreover, all parts are locally produced and assembled at the Rotor offices.

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