Brand OmoLab

Lab for Visual Communication.

OmoLab team consists of speech therapists, designers, typographers, dreamers, innovators is finding new ways to deliver a comfortable reading experience to dyslexics and people with reading difficulties. OmoLab Believes in Social Equity, Without Bias.

Society needs a change! Society today is intolerant towards different needs, or just aware of its existence at the best. That’s why the world we create is inclusive. That means differences are accepted, not just tolerated. That world, our world, creates and supports ways for everyone to overcome obstacles on their way to achievements because there is no one universal way. World of equity and without prejudice is possible. It just needs a bit more empathy and understanding.

Omo is the basic element of design and visual communication as well as a tool for graphic research. It sounds complicated but I couldn't come up with a more relaxed sentence which is as short as this one. It is a part of the „back to basics“ agenda and it is both, creative and sometimes witty. It is the result of the need for stripping, taking off the surplus of layers caused by social deformations. In the same way, as far as I think, design is deformed. Form without a message. Therefore, Omo was created as a beginning of a line, a basic element, a line with an eye or a smart line which communicates through elementary movement and the use of basic colours. Its form is inherited by the geometrical apstraction of the visual artists from the middle of the last century. It is a time I consider quite romantic due to the former consideration of a common future, a permanent revolution and the creation of the foundation for a better tomorrow – for us, but even more for those to come. A revolution without ideology, only with a wish for a better common tomorrow. The time of people who equalized globalisation with equality. It is pathetic, but ideals usually are that way. I believe that part of the story of that period is woven into Omo. Omo's embryo was created by the paraphrase of the latin saying „nomen est omen“ into „omen est omen“ as a sign is a sign, neither a name nor something else, just – a sign. That is where its name derives from. I'd love to write that the OM was deliberately built in the name as an ancient syllable, but during writing the abbreviation „OEO“, I actually rotated the letter „E“ which my partner read out as „omo“.

Avenija Dubrovnik 15/12, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia