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Bloom is a series of furniture that celebrates nature: a flower that has just grown out of the ground. It is layered, with rounded lines and dark colors. It is a series that is both fluid and expressive. Petals from solid walnut, carefully stacked to achieve a perfect blend of rings, embrace the dark metal interior. Bloom is a contrast of warm tones of walnut and black. The series consists of club tables, chests of drawers, dining table and drinking cabinets. At ZGDW, the Bloom series will have its Croatian premiere, and the Bloom drinking cabinet will have its world premiere. The collection was awarded the BIG SEE product design award 2020, and the Bloom coffee table the BIG SEE wood design award 2020.

The Waves furniture series is unique in its waves carved into the wood surface. Parallel lines running across the surface of the object create a play of light and shadow from which it is difficult to take your eyes off. The association is many - from the waves of deep water, through the furrows of fertile land to the purity of zen gardens - everyone is invited to find their own. One thing is for sure - the furniture from the Waves collection communicates with its user and invites a moment of meditation, bringing peace to the space. The series consists of a cupboard for drinks, chests of drawers of various sizes, coffee tables and a dining table. Dominated by dark, soothing tones of wood, complemented by black metal and different types of marble.Waves drink cabinet was awarded the Red Dot design award 2019, the BIG SEE wood design award 2019 and the BIG SEE product design award 2019.

Grabrić 17, HR-10340 Vrbovec, Croatia

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