Brand Stadshout is a collaboration between Atelier SamPonette & Studio Anker, to rescue city trees, destined to be cut down, and convert them into furniture instead of firewood. Our goal is to offer affordable designs from hyperlocal resources, with both a social and ecological impact.
As a test run, we captured 100 trees from Antwerp, cut down because of infrastructure works. We then sawed them into planks, let them dry and then made the Collection of A, for everyone connected to Antwerp to enjoy.
The Collection of A is an homage to the city of Antwerp, the birthplace of the trees. It’s a proud city, bearing it’s first letter as a logo. An eccentric city. Each piece of furniture in the collection is a marriage between a black steel support structure and a wooden top surface, presenting the beautiful local wood on a pedestal, which it so deserves. The support isn’t needlessly striking, but rather playful and atypical, a little naughty. Surprising from every corner, just like Antwerp.