Brand Jules Wabbes by General Decoration

Jules Wabbes is one of the leading Belgian furniture designers and interior architects of the postwar period. He first opened an antiques and decoration shop in Brussels before starting to create his own furnitures and objects. 
He then founded GEDE in 1969 in order to manufacture and retail exclusively his metal accessories according to his own quality principles. Wabbes was awarded several prizes, notably in 1957 and 1960 at the Milan Triennial.

General Decoration (GEDE), has been directed since the death of its creator in 1974 by the latter’s wife, Marie Wabbes, who has always believed in the interest of these products, but who had no time to deal with it alone. Reinvigorated in 2014 by the arrival of Vincent and Caroline Colet to its head, in close contact with the Wabbes family. The company is now a reference to the production of Wabbes ‘s metal designs created in the ’50s and ’60s.
Jules Wabbes had to work with the best craftsmen and the best suppliers. The foundation of GEDE, after that of the Mobilier Universel in 1958, was imposed to maintain a semi-artisanal production of the best quality. Indeed, metal objects once cast at the foundry are assembled and finished by hand. Objects published by GEDE require highly technical skills. Everything is done in Belgium.

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