Amandine David

Amandine David
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Amandine David is a Brussels based designer and researcher whose work celebrates sharing as a methodology and opportunity to redefine design processes.
Her research is located at the crossroad of traditional crafts and digital practices. It usually takes shape in the creation of tools and material experimentation libraries.
Amandine is also the co-founder of Hors Pistes, a nomadic residency program that initiates encounters between craftsmen and designers and explores the value of trans-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations.

Crossing Parallels explores the interaction between the basketry technique of hand coiling and 3D-printing. Both techniques build objects through the same construction principle, laying one filament—whether natural fibre or melted plastic—on top of another. By conducting material research at the crossroads between handicraft and digital craft, this project aims to contribute to a more nuanced definition of craft as collaborative practice.
This research benefits from the contribution and technical mastery of basket weaver Esmé Hofman and 3D-printing artisan Joris van Tubergen. The goal is to give value to the collaboration beyond the production of the final object, to involve and challenge the knowledge of the craftsmen from the outset, and to encourage creative experimentation between the two techniques and between craft and design.


Weaving code is located at the crossroad of three craft techniques: handweaving, programming and 3D-printing. Weaving code aims to link the cultural meaning and mathematical aesthetics of computer assisted creation. By linking the stories embedded in weaving patterns with programmable content, it aims to offer alternative interpretations of technology at large.

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