Plant Fever

An exhibition about the hidden potential of plants.
Plant Fever proposes to look at the future of design from this new vegetal perspective, moving from a human-centred to a phyto-centred design. Spanning from products and fashion items to material research, open-source devices and emerging technologies, a selection of approx. 50 exhibits - representing the work of creatives from more than 20 countries - will investigate notions such as plant blindness, eco-feminism, forestry, biomimicry and upcycling, but also post-colonialism and cultural landscapes.
Parallel to the physical space of the museum, the discourse of the exhibition will be further developed through an accompanying web platform, as well as a dedicated conference & workshop programme.

Curatorship: Laura Drouet (studio d-o-t-s)
Graphic identity: Matthieu Visentin 
Scenography: Benoît Deneufbourg
Coordination: Olivier Lacrouts (studio d-o-t-s)

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