James Van Vossel + Eef Oost

James Van Vossel + Eef Oost
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A few years ago Eef Oost took the step to design textiles as freelancer for weaving mills, editors and architects. The architectural environment is the inspiration for these tactile creations. The challenge lies in translating space and image into the more compact scale of a woven fabric. The hand-woven fabrics reflect the uniqueness of the moment, which is also a goal in industrial production.

James Van Vossel founded his brand JAMES ̇ ̇ ̇ ̇ in 2006 and currently works as a versatile freelance designer for oa 37Graden, Drisag, Foxandfreeze, Modular Lighting Instruments, Theo Eeywear, Thonet. The unique, limited or industrially produced designs are all created by translating his sketchbook directly into his workplace whereby material intervention often takes the lead.

Each passionate about their knowledge and skills, these 2 Belgian designers took the opportunity to create a new product together. The interweaving of the various disciplines led to different insights. These intense process resulted into new inspiration and great connectivity with a strong final product.

KANTLIJN, table cloth for BKRK textiel award 2019 - www.bkrkaward.be

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