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Tenue de Ville
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Idealized landscapes, childhood memories, abstract daydreams, the collections by Tenue de Ville, adopt ethereal tones, and dare a singularity that transforms the walls and carries the imagination away. Alexia takes on all mediums to give substance to her ideas, moving freely from engraving to collage, from drawing to photography, etc., before refining her research with graphic programs. Each design is the conclusion of a long artistic research, a history of intern collaboration, a new perspective for your interior, hand drawn by Alexia de Ville and her team.

Production of non-woven wallpaper wastes, assembled in artisanal weavings, creating a high end and circular wall covering. The material is proposed as panels that can be mounted together on the wall, either hung or pasted, and can then be painted, stained in the mass, or simply used white as it is. Produced in an entirely artisanal way, this delicate and imperfect product will be appreciated for those qualities, intrinsic to its production, granting it a place of high-end artisanal coating.

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