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Zucchetti presents the new 2020 collections

In 2020, just shy of its 100th anniversary, Zucchetti has inaugurated a new phase, updating the identity of the brand and launching two new tap lines: Medameda, designed by Alberto and Francesco Meda, and Helm, designed by David Lopez Quincoces.


On the one hand, the company (which since the 80’s has consistently been distinguished by its effective, unique campaigns), continues to represent itself in an innovative way. Fine-tuning its graphic symbols, Zucchetti chooses essentialist, minimal images that are also energetic and vibrant, and finds its balance, visually as well, in the complementary relationship with the Kos brand.


On the other hand, fruitful dialogue has begun with esteemed professionals such as Alberto and Francesco Meda and Davide Lopez Quincoces, resulting in two new, differently intriguing projects.


Medameda, designed by Alberto and Francesco Meda, is reassuring and composed: ‘We try to come up with objects with simple, unified style; objects that aren’t too loud’, stated the designers. ‘We avoid formal extravagance in favour of special attention to effective relationships between the different components of the items and then between the items and those who use them’. This has given rise to an object with organic, flowing lines, never over-designed, a piece that owes its universal appeal also to the interaction between the two generations of designers, father and son, that created it.


Helm, designed by David Lopez Quincoces, could be called an ‘absolute’, iconic object that takes the classic archetype of the ‘tap with cross handles’ and turns it into cylindrical volumes that have been deconstructed then reconstructed. ‘I start from complex ideas’, explained the designer, ‘to then get to a synthesis and find a style that will most effectively stand the test of time and circumvent trends’. This approach led to the first line of entirely-stainless-steel taps launched by Zucchetti, a versatile series that successfully adapts to the many interior spaces that the architect/designer had in mind while designing it.

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