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An Intimate Light for You

PUPUPULA's Little Bulb tries to break the boundaries of a lamp.

The Little Bulb looks exactly how it sounds, and is inspired by children who are afraid of darkness. Keeping the classic light bulb shape in a modern way with simple features, the Little Bulb provides an intimate experience not only just lighting but a good company whenever you want. 




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Classic shape with new material

Little bulb wants to make a nod to a traditional light bulb, which is a universally recognized icon. The clear and simple look would allow it to fit naturally in any domestic setting. The Food-grade silicone bulb is soft, durable, tear-resistant, and safe for families. 


Hold it like hold a candle

With the wireless charging design, it can be easily removed from the charging base and go anywhere with you. One full charge provides up to 72 hours* of use. The portability and relatively compact size provide user experience like the old-time people used candles.

Smart Little Bulb

The Little Bulb pro comes with a convenient mobile app that you are able to control the light or turn on the smart mod with the sound-activated glow. 

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