Designers Cosimo De Vita

The soul of Florence is found in its artisans, the people that spend their life handcrafting beauty.

My father and grandfather were artisans, and I began my fascination with art and craftsmanship from growing up in their workshop.
I am determined to continue this tradition without a compromise in handcrafted quality.

I am an artisan, artist and designer. As an artist, I draw inspiration form my artisan roots in the way I create my arte, and use innovative design in its construction.

My art strives to turn an everyday object into a metaphysical work by incorporating memory and experience into design.
There is life behind art, a dynamic movement present in the act of sitting still: the existence of cumulative memories of the past and a simultaneous creation of future memories in one act.

via dei bardi, 30 - 50125 Firenze

Nation: Italy
Birth date: 13/03/1987
(36 years old)
+39 393 284 1149
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