Designers Alice Emery

Selected by Salone Satellite 2020

For Alice Emery, it’s impossible to stay confined to one discipline. With her, everything overlaps.  Her creations combine craft and industrial processes. Meticulous about the quality of the materials that become part of her pieces and attentive to each detail, she designs timeless furniture that is created to last. Alice Emery is close to the material and how it feels, approaching objects with the idea of a dialogue with space.  

Orion is a hanging office that allows you to nestle into your work space. The texture of Macassar ebony, as well as the fiber optic light points add an intimate dimension to the object.

Polo is a portable chair. You carry it with you like a cane or umbrella; it folds and unfolds elegantly, whenever you want.  Each material is used for its specific properties: leather for its impermeability and suppleness, beech for its strength.

Nation: Belgium