Designers Marras Antonio

Antonio Marras was born in Alghero, Sardinia. The island has always deeply influenced his aesthetic.

In 1987 he commences his career in fashion by chance, even though fashion has always been in his cultural baggage, thanks to the experience he developed within the family business that consists of a few boutiques in Alghero.

The first collection with his name arrives in 1996, in Rome, where all his style elements are already present: the focus on craft techniques; Sardinia as a source of inspiration that is never reduced to folkloristic kitsch; a sartorial excellence as a constant.

In March 1999, in Milan, his first prêt-à-porter. 

In 2003 he is invited by the French group LVHM to become the creative director of the fashion house Kenzo where he will work for eight years, until 2011.

In May 2017 the second line I’M ISOLA MARRAS is born and launches with the fall/winter 2008-2009 season. Not a second line but rather a more immediate and decodified Marras world.

In 2014 the great comeback of a man’s line.

In Milan Antonio establishes his headquarter, even though he will never give up living where he grew up, moving, travelling, but always coming back to Alghero to find creativity, inspiration, positive energy, material for his expressive world.

Antonio Marra’s collaborations with Saba are withstanding: a synergetic relationship that brings to life unique seating solutions upholstered in specifically designed textiles or with selected fabrics from the Marras archive.

In 2020 Antonio designs his first product collection, Oltremare, in collaboration with Saba.

Via Cola di Rienzo 8, 20144 Milano

Nation: Italy