Designers Boutures

Boutures is a young design publishing house offering lighting and decorative objects that reflect an eco-responsible approach.

Boutures selects innovative recycled materials. They come from waste such as oyster shells, bricks, windshield glass or even plastic bottles, which makes them unique and surprising. These materials come mainly from France and sometimes from the rest of Europe.

All products are made in France, the choice being guided by the manufacturers' know-how, their geographical proximity and their environmental and social commitment.
Boutures' products come from the imagination of designers and tell their own story. All objects are unique, thanks to their production in small quantities and the use of recycled materials – which offers variations in rendering.

Conscious of the consequences of consumption on the environment, Boutures applies an upcycling approach in order not to use more resources. Waste is reinvented to form products that combine design, environmental protection and innovation.

Boutures' products aim at arousing curiosity and invite to exchange ideas.

Nation: France