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DNA is everything.

Manerba Spa is an historical Italian company which manufactures furniture, partition walls and systems for working spaces and everyday life.

Established in Mantua in 1969 by Sergio and Federica Manerba, in the historic “Torelli Palace”, Manerba is a company which has always breathed the art of living and working well.

In its 50 years of activity, Manerba, although keeping the original orientation to what is «beautiful and well done», has been able to interpret the profound changes of the office space, mirror of a technological, social and cultural revolution that in half a century has modified the life of human beings.

Manerba is a 100% Italian family owned company of office design.
The company has a strong feminine element and is led by two determined and competent sisters, Elisa and Grazia Manerba, and from the mother Federica Quintarelli, together with the President and Founder Sergio Manerba.

Manerba is a joint-stock company, that means transparency, reliability of an industrial trustable enterprise manufacturing standard products. At the same time, the company’s dimension and operative agility allow to support customization and the different needs of big and small customers. Fast delivery, tailor made supplies,support to spaceplanning are feasible because of an organized system based on the company’s own logistics process for contract business and production batches on a large scale stocked and stored in its warehouse, as well as a specialized Technical Department.

For Manerba the office environment is a space in a living transformation, in harmony with new technologies but also with flavors, colors and the spirit of times. Offices are interior architecture, living areas, places for meeting and sharing, where we spend more than one third of our days.

via Europa Unita, 5/7
46010 - Gazzuolo (MN)

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