Brands Florim S.p.A. SB

Inspired by an innate passion for beauty and design, Florim has been producing porcelain surfaces to meet all the needs of the construction, architecture and interior design sectors for almost 60 years. Headed by Claudio Lucchese, son of its founder Giovanni Lucchese, the company has a past firmly rooted in the ceramics district at Sassuolo (Modena) and a present as an international industry trendsetter. Today, the Group employs 1,400 people worldwide and generates turnover of more than 400 million Euro in 2019. Famed for its quality, expertise and cutting-edge technology and design, it is known on the market through its high-end Italian brands and its brand dedicated to the North American market. With state-of-the-art production plants, distribution companies and partnerships in Europe, America and Asia and a number of flagship stores and single-brand showrooms, the company is well positioned in the world's top design districts. Its strategy focused on quality, innovation and sustainability combines with the creative drive and passion of its human resources to transform the value known as “made in Italy” into “made in Florim”. Florim has recently become Benefit Company changing its legal status and the company name into Florim S.P.A SB.

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Via Canaletto 24, Fiorano, Italy