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Adrenalina is the refuge of originality, the space where difference is a value to be protected.


Adrenalina was founded in 1999, drawing on the experience and wisdom of the artisan manufacture of the parent company Domingo Salotti, an Italian upholstered furniture company on the market since 1973.


The initial project of Adrenalina, to which the brand has remained faithful during its 20 years of history, is driven by the desire to give space to eclectic forms and an innovative concept of upholstered furniture for public and home projects, reinterpreting the sitting object as an iconic and sculptural element, making it amazing but extremely comfortable.

From the very beginning, Adrenalina products were born fireproof, with a strong vocation for the contract world, although they are perfectly suited to residential projects with a distinctly futuristic design.


Adrenalina combines manufacturing capacity with the search for innovative materials and the development of modern processing techniques, maintaining the character of an atelier that knows how to interpret the desires of those who love to surround themselves with pieces that are strongly protagonists, with an experimental vocation.


Adrenalina is freedom to express oneself, to fantasize out loud, to give colour to the imagination. The attention to technical details, the great attention to softness and a wink at the trends of the fashion world shape the Adrenalina collections, giving life to seats that break the mold, able to give uniqueness to the place that hosts them without ever giving up comfort.

Many Italian and foreign designers collaborate with Adrenalina.

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61121 Pesaro (PU) Italia

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