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Misschiefs is a groundbreaking feminist exhibition of contemporary collectible design that showcases a unique group of ten trailblazing Swedish women designers selected for the punk nature of their work, at the crossing of design, craft and art. In each city Misschiefs visits, a woman gallerist or curator is invited to select one woman artist of her choice to join the show. 

All the Misschiefs have been minutely selected for the excellency of their individual mastering of a particular craftsmanship and artistic style, ranging from material techniques such as glass blowing, wood stitching, precious stone setting, textile weaving, interactive technology and more. The designers are aged 25 to 83 years old, some are internationally famous, others established names in the Swedish design world and a few are young upcoming figures. They come from different parts of the country, have various cultural backgrounds and work from studios in distinct locations in Sweden and abroad. 

Misschiefs was revealed in Stockholm during the most important week of the year for Nordic design, the Stockholm Design Week. The exhibition spanned over 200m2 in an empty apartment inside the Bångska Palace, a historical edifice from 1883. The building is situated in the heart of Stureplan, Stockholm’s most famous and central public square soon to be renovated as part of a major urban redevelopment of the area. 

Misschiefs will be hosted in Milan by Elena Quarestani in her incredible industrial building transformed into a non-profit art center named ASSAB ONE. The selected curator for choosing the Milan Misschiefs guest artist is Federica Sala and her selected artist is Nelcya Chamszadeh.

Designers: Anna Nordstrom, Asa Jungnelius, Sara Szyber, Emma Marga Blanche, Maja Michaelsdotter Eriksson, Farvash, Anita Graffman, Anna Kraitz, Kitty Schumacher, Marta Mattsson, Yngvild Saeter and special guest for Milan Nelcya Chamszadeh.

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