Brand Moróro outdoor concepts

Moróro stands for Belgian designs inspired by Brazilian architecture in terms of style and choice of materials. This is also made clear by the name, a reference to one of the houses designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan. Moróro refers to a mix of robustness, refinement and warmth. Think of an abundant natural landscape and you are guaranteed a sultry summer. Behind the brand is a couple of Flemish entrepreneurs having international ambitions with very personal designs.
Ultra-slim garden lighting, a mobile table lamp and an outdoor bench for two: Moróro starts the new year with the launch of no less than three new outdoor objects. For the design of two-seater Paulo, the Belgian outdoor label turned to the renowned Belgian designer Alain Monnens. The two found each other in Moróro’s refined design language and the interplay between material and function.

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