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"We wanted to create a collection that would constitute a visual dialogue between structure and form, exploring the way forms can interact and merge to create a new and extraordinary whole. We started the design process by playing with possible interactions from an assortment of simple organic shapes. Many of these interactions reminded us of the relationship between oil and water, while others gave rise to the same sweetness that comes from the combination of strawberries and cream".   Glenn Pushelberg

"Working on this B&B Italia project was like making a puzzle: we divided the pieces, cataloged shapes and colors and tried to fit them together by trying and trying again, until the puzzle was complete. We are passionately proud of Naviglio, our first collection created together with B&B Italia and we consider this first collaboration as a tribute to the common commitment with which we tried to design a piece of that world in which we would like to live".   George Yabu




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