Milano Design City:
from 28 September to 10 October Fuorisalone is back in town

Fuorisalone with Design City Edition announces 2 weeks of events in showrooms and in other design locations in Milan, but not only.

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The Salone del Mobile and the Fuorisalone have always played an economically and socially important role for Milan, which over time has become the world capital of design.
The success of the formula Salone del Mobile + Fuorisalone attracts more and more visitors from all over the world, giving the city the most beautiful and exciting week of the year, where everyone can explore the most hidden corners of Milan, meet and discover design as an integral part of the urban fabric.

In 2020 the Salone del Mobile was cancelled due to the emergency caused by the spread of Coronavirus.
Many companies have taken the opportunity to rethink their communication on digital channels. The 15th of June we launched the new Fuorisalone Digital platform even though we knew that digital could not fully replace what traditionally happens in Milan during Design Week.

That's why we are happy to announce that finally, from September 28th to October 10th, Milan will start again with Milano Design City: 2 weeks of events in showrooms and other design venues.

Milano Design City will be an event dedicated to the culture of design and innovation, with particular attention to the re-design of urban spaces, sustainability and circular economy. The aim is to restart the Italian Design System, which opens again to the public without forgetting the period just passed: all the events will respect the health safety regulations.

Fuorisalone.it will be among the protagonists of Milano Design City with its Fuorisalone Design City Edition, in line with the previous Fuorisalone Digital Edition.

What will it be possible to do and see?

It will be an event more similar to the Brera Design Days, with local events, talks, workshops, round tables, exhibitions to spread the project culture. The events will be hosted in showrooms, museums and art galleries, and in some venues set up for the occasion.
We will publish soon some anticipation about brands and locations to visit.

Where will be published the full program?

Like the Fuorisalone, Milano Design City will be a collective event, with different actors who will organize events or small independent circuits. On Fuorisalone.it from September will be available the complete program, with dates, times, map and how to access each event. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates!

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Will access to the events be open and free of charge?

The organizer of each event will determine how to access, to ensure the safety of participants. Some events will be accessible by invitation only, others will be free, open to the public with regulated access or after registration. On Fuorisalone.it, on the page dedicated to each event, will be indicated the mode of access.

And who won't have access to the events?

Those who won't be in Milan, or won't be able to register, can digitally follow the event on Fuorisalone.it. In addition to timetables and map, the page of each event will show details, photos, downloadable attachments, videos, contacts of companies and designers. In some cases it will be possible to virtually visit the showroom through an interactive 3d navigation.
Some talks and round tables will also be available in live streaming on Fuorisalone TV. In addition, on Fuorisalone TV will be released every day some content available only online, and it will be possible to participate in webinars on Fuorisalone Meets.
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Will it be possible to virtually visit the showrooms?

Yes! On Fuorisalone.it it it will be possible to virtually visit the design showrooms through the "Virtual Showroom" service, offered by Living 3D, to live a new immersive experience, moving within the space and interacting with the products, thanks to the link to in-depth information sheets or additional multimedia content. Some examples here.

For companies how can companies show their products or organize an event?

Fuorisalone.it offers different communication possibilities for companies. Download the presentation of Fuorisalone Design City Edition formats. For more information write us at info@fuorisalone.it

For companies how can we communicate without an event on the territory?

In addition to the Design City Edition, on Fuorisalone.it continues the Digital Edition launched in June. All interested companies can communicate projects and news among the Digital Events, and connect them to their Brand page. The Fuorisalone Digital platform will be active for the whole of 2020, with the publication of videos on Fuorisalone TV, webinars on Fuorisalone Meets and articles on Fuorisalone Magazine. For more information write us at info@fuorisalone.it

For companies is it possible to organize an event outside Milan?

Yes, in a completely extraordinary way Fuorisalone.it in the Fuorisalone Design City Edition can also communicate events that are part of the Milan Design City organized outside the city. Write to info@fuorisalone.it to find out all the details.

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