JCP Universe

JCP Universe presents objects of wonder and discovery from an imagined alternate reality. It’s an unconventional brand going beyond the normal commercial framework to open culture to everyone. It goes beyond market trends, bypassing simple variations of familiar styles with pieces of unique identities.
By focusing on the mutable essence of nature, while merging innovation with tradition, JCP Universe forms its own distinctive aesthetic to transform the reality we experience in our everyday lives. The symbolic pieces from this alternate Universe are vehicles of imagination for us to reflect and interpret our way of life in this precise moment of space-time, here on planet Earth.

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Showroom: Jumbo Group Milano
via Hoepli 8
20121 Milano, Italy
Tel: +39 031 7075 777

Design Week

Milan and its role for design

Milan has a key role for design: a perfect example of this is Salone del Mobile, the most important exhibition for this industry, that every year is able to attract visitors from all over the world. Milan is open to innovation and change, representing a meeting point for different cultures and visions of the world: it’s a city where everyone can find their own space. Moreover, we must not forget the support that the nearby Brianza Design District offers to the city: creativity is combined with know-how, experimentation with traditional craftsmanship. This area offers design endless possibilities.

How are commercial facilities changing and how you designed the exhibition space in relation to the other brands of Jumbo Group?

The exhibition space dedicated to JCP in the group's showroom reflects the unconventional soul of the brand. It departs from the conventional idea of home, to which the other Jumbo Group brands are linked - each with its own distinctive character - looking more like an art exhibition, where each object has its own place and prominence.

How do you think the digital media can offer support to physical events, from the Fuorisalone to the launch of new products across the year in the showroom?

Digital media can complete and enrich the physical event, playing an increasingly important role especially in a challenging moment like the one we are experiencing today. Digital contents open up new possibilities for companies, and have the ability to overcome distances, fulfilling one of JCP's main goals: to bring culture to everyone. This year, in the absence of the usual design week, offered us the opportunity to present our alternative Universe in a new way and through multiple contents. Among them, the live video that has retraced the history of our imaginary world, from its origins until today.

What role is played by the social media in the company’s communication strategy?

Today social media is an essential tool for communicating a brand. We dedicate great care to our social channels, especially Instagram, which for its structure is the ideal medium to express the different facets of JCP. Thanks to the new media, the storytelling of the brand can be enriched and extended, going beyond design to embrace other art forms, such as photography, graphics or poetry.

What are the criteria for choosing new designers to involve?

JCP involves new designers every year, constantly renewing itself. Furthermore, it collaborates not only with designers but also with artists, confirming its multidisciplinary approach. The selected creatives come from different backgrounds, reflecting the international attitude of the brand. Finally, we decided to give space both to established designers, such as Nanda Vigo or Sam Baron, and to emerging creatives. Among the latest collaborations there are for example Sovrappensiero and Debonademeo. Each of the designers brings their own vision of the JCP Universe, continuously expanding it.

Limited series and unique pieces, the world of hybrid art and design, what is your approach to it?

From the very beginning JCP has been a different company compared to the others. It has always had the ambition to combine art and design, industrial production and uniqueness. Its distinguishing features are experimentation and innovation, and its creations are not just objects, but real vehicles for our imagination. Some of them are mass-produced, while others are limited editions. Unique variations are not excluded. What is interesting is that many of the pieces created in series hide their own uniqueness: the use of stones or leathers that are each time cut in a different way, for example, makes each artifact different from the previous ones.

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