A Personal Living Experience

Saba was established in 1987 by Amelia Pegorin in San Martino di Lupari near Padua and has worked ever since in the pursuit of relaxing design concepts.
“A personal living experience” is not just a simple slogan, but a genuine mood, an approach that has become an entrepreneurial adventure.

Saba is an all-round feminine brand: from the team spirit that animates it, to the collabo-rations it selects. It’s is one of the few companies in the sector to be guided by a woman entrepreneur, Amelia Pegorin (CEO), who, with her overall vision and material aesthetic, has led the company to success by means of a keen creative sensibility and a “humanis-tic” approach to business.
Her daughter, Alessandra Santi, joined the company in 2008 as Communication Manager and has, since then, given the brand a new form as well as enhancing its visibility internationally.

Saba believes that design products should not only be technically excellent, but also respond to real consumer needs, as well as offering aesthetics that stir emotions.

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Design Week

The role of Milan for design

Thinking of the city of Milan takes you straight to Design (and to culture in general), if it was a rhetoric figure it would undoubtfully be a synecdoche, a part for the whole… the place in Italy where things take form, even though their conception and creation happens elsewhere. For this reason, our next aim will be to open a showroom in Milan, after the one in Shanghai that has been just been confirmed. What distinguishes Milan is the strong network of relationship that is linked to the design industry, the energy and willpower to reinvent itself by promoting always new scenarios and formats and is the proof of it.

You have recently started being part of an important group, how important is it for Made in Italy design brands to compete at an international level with the power and vision of a group?

The particular historic moment and the economic situation has allowed for us to fully appreciate all positives aspects of being part of a Group. IDB has made it possible for all brands to share the various abilities that each one brings to the table, benefitting from the opportunity of having many analysis elements and flexibility in the management of the various scenarios: being part of a Group allows for a faster and broader confrontation. Through design Italy has a recognized competitive advantage and excellent creative and product expertise that still are not taken advantage of to the fullest. Being part of a Group creates undisputable advantages in terms of a culture growth, networking and strategy for expanding at an international level.

Collaborations with Marras, catalogues that are narrations between the art, design and theatre, what are the brands objectives for Saba?

For us, being able to communicate culture, leave an emotional trace and testing new expressive territories through artistic collaborations, has become fundamental. The design research is central to our “doing” but we believe in the importance of a personal and innovative communication to amplify the “feeling”. We sell products but mostly visions and emotions.

What are the basic characteristics that a Saba product must have?

For Saba, a design product does not only have to have excellent technical characteristics, but it must also respond to real costumer needs and at the same time, lead to aesthetic emotions to excite the public.
What distinguishes Saba is the unmistakable style of combining each form to the color poetry and the texture of the fabric.

What roles does social media play in the company’s communication strategy?

Social media platforms, (for us primarily Instagram) are the face of the Company, immediate and multifaceted, an extremely flexible place where we communicate the variety of sides of being Saba. Social media is also a very effective mean to interact with our public in a direct way, as the recent #MySabaHome campaign showed, a digital project we launched on our social media platform during the lockdown, to strengthen the relationship with our community.

How do you think that the digital can support a physical event, from the Fuorisalone to the launch of new products throughout the year?

This crisis has clearly underlined the necessity of accelerating the process of digitalization to be able to overcome the problem of distance.
The creative project however, is made of a sensorial experience, interaction with the object, tactile and visual suggestions and it is exactly this evolution in the human factor of our products that needs to be safeguarded in new technological business models.
To sum it up, if we will be able to find a way to communicate through the digital while also safeguarding the incredible values of our creating, we can become pioneers of an extraordinary future.

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