“The Underwood. The undergrowth as a new interior space "

“The Underwood. Il Sottobosco come spazio simbolico tra natura e arte” degli architetti e designer Francesca Benedetto e Matilde Cassani

Tortona Locations at the former grocery store in via Tortona will host the installation "The Underwood. Il Sottobosco as a symbolic space between nature and art ", co-curated by architects and designers Francesca Benedetto and Matilde Cassani who drew inspiration from the artists Fischli and Weiss who between 1997 and 1998 created a work entitled" Flowers and Mushrooms " with the intention of documenting the flower and mushroom gardens in 1: 1 scale. Visitors to The Underwood will be able to immerse themselves, in total safety, in a real undergrowth among the typical species that inhabit it, considered both as single individuals and as colonies to be observed in their continuous evolution and specificity.

The designers' goal is to create an installation whose identity is defined by the coexistence of nature, rituals and objects. Through an immersive experience, where public space and internal space will merge, "The Underwood" wants to invite visitors to consider the underwood as a new livable space within the city, revealing a new coexistence relationship between Nature and City, helping thus also to imagine a possible future for Milan. The scenography will host a collection of objects. By inhabiting the space, visitors will become an active part of it and exploring the undergrowth landscape they will find unexpected natural and artificial elements.

Thanks to the collaboration with Sense - immaterial Reality, the visitor will be able to live an innovative sensory experience and use a new language: the landscape will, in fact, be dotted with activators that, through their smartphone, will allow them to explore intangible fungi closely in all areas. their smallest details. Part of these items, including sachets of seeds, will be available for purchase and the proceeds will be donated to the CAF ONLUS association, a child and family aid center.

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