Sole sustainability


The idea


Peterson Stoop has been working in footwear since 2013. In 2016 they conceived an idea how to reuse secondhand sneakers. Since that time, they have been searching for more sustainable materials. That is how they came to work with Givans Fondi, because they produce soles with TPU, a material that can be recycled.


The birth of the project


When we first started Peterson Stoop, we designed bags and shoes, we were very naïve, and we had no idea about fashion and production. We thought we could make shoes like Louboutin and produce them in our own little factory and be happy. When we had our first order, from a museum for a fashion exhibition we were asked to make 25 pairs of shoes. Having to make 25 pairs was such an eyeopener, we knew we had to change our whole take on design in combination with production. Because the materials we were using were dangerous for our health and bad for the environment. At the end of a full day of production we felt physically drained because of the fumes we had been inhaling. In 2015 we started using vegetable tanned leather, water-based glues and we even had our own laces woven because we could not find any good bio cotton laces. We designed a collection of whole cut oxfords and reimagined the materials and the production techniques. We also came up with our signature asymmetrical sole unit. We called all our suppliers and asked them to tell us about the materials and their origin, but we were met with a lot of resistance, but we kept going. We presented the collection at Paris Fashion week, we had great response but no sales. We were sitting in our studio scratching our heads, contemplating our next move. Jelske was wearing a pair of Nike Air Force 1’s and we decided to take our new asymmetrical sole unit and put it on the Air Force 1’s, the birth of the repairable sneaker. Once we posted it on YouTube and Instagram, we had buyers emailing us instantly. Once we found this direction, we knew using secondhand shoes and responsible materials would be a constant part of our DNA.
The creative process


Working with Givans Fondi was a great pleasure. We had the luxury that they had arranged an English speaking i intermediary. Therefore, it was quite simple to discuss our ideas and goals. We h ad a clear idea from the beginning and Givans Fondi was very willing to find solutions to make it happen.


The collaboration


Without the Worth Partnership Peterson Stoop and Givans Fondi would not have been able to work together. For Peterson Stoop it was a great step forward. Their products have become more professional and more sustainable. Hopefully, we have inspired Givans Fondi to look for more sustainable collaborations in the future.


The future


We are positive about the future. The corona virus has made us more aware of the importance of our mission. It is as if somebody held a great big mirror up, and now we can’t un-see what we have seen. The whole situation has shown us that that there is still so much to learn and so much to change regarding the fashion system. We are developing new ideas, looking for collaborations and trying to make positive changes to how our company works and produces.


The message


Never work alone. Build a team of supportive but critical people. There is no other option than collaboration. We need to work together to make a change, to learn and to grow. Stay curious, be open minded and collaborate. Watch your ideas flourish.


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