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Lucid dreaming, or reality?


Grown is a company that grows product. Grows? Yes! “growing “, and not “manufacturing”. By using na-ture’s old wisdom, actually, the roots of mushrooms. These roots are called mycelium. By mixing mycelium with a natural organic rest stream, such as hemp fibre waste, a so-called substrate is made. This substrate is moulded in any shape, resulting in a solid material: 100% natural, sustainable, and compostable. Time is the main worker, 5 days to make a chair!


As many people do, grown wants to contribute making the big changes that are necessary for the world. With their biotechnology, this is possible.


The product range of Grown consists of many elements, ranging from lamps, to packaging, to building ele-ments. In fact, the mycelium composite resembles Styrofoam with the big difference that the mycelium products are 100% nature.




Early in 2018, Grown designed a lounge chair. But a beautiful and natural upholster was still missing. In the summer, Grown started collaborating with La Gadoue, a textile and material design studio sharing the same values: sustainable, natural and drive for experiment. Not to forget beauty and uniqueness!


La Gadoue has this eye for beauty and hands for crafts, they create a unique textile, a natural latex coating on a linen canvas used as a vegetal leather!


The Lucid chair is the result of this collaboration that required a long process of designing, prototyping, go-ing back to the drawing table. At the end of 2019, the result was there: a mycelium-based chair and an orig-inal upholstery.


By working together, Grown and La Gadoue realised that a combination of technology and design requires an intricate dialogue that should be started from the beginning. Design is not a pretty touch that you can add in the end of the process. And nature’s technology holds secrets as well… So, to make a beautiful and good product, everything must be done together hand in hand.


The result of the collaboration is a unique lounge chair, called Lucid. Lucid is the one of the first physical proofs of what is possible to do with biotech and design. This masterpiece will be introduced after the summer of 2020. Lucid will be available through the website of Grown and selected resellers around the world.


It is the hope of Grown and la Gadoue that Lucid will allow people to take a convenient relaxing moment. To contemplate what the world really needs. To realise that nature holds so much wisdom that we do not yet know. To ignite ideas how the world can become more sustainable.
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