Diluci Bags

The idea to start my brand and make a bags collection crystallized during my final year at the arts and design university I was attending at the time. I chose to make a bags collection inspired by nature and origami as a graduation project. Upon the completion of the project, I received a lot of positive feedback, which sparked the idea of creating my brand that would offer the fashion enthusiasts truly unique products.


Later on, I started working at a design and 3D printing studio in Amsterdam. I got acquainted with the new ways and technology that I implemented in my designs, like organic 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser-cutting. I decided to further develop one of the designs I made during my graduation year and create a product that would stand out through its appearance and customization. My goal was to create a high-end version of a lego bag, the parts of which would be possible to mix and match to one's liking.


In my endeavors, I came across Worth Partnership Project, which seemed to be the perfect fit for my product. To take part in the competition, I started looking for partners that would match my criteria and would be able to help me further progress with my project. The final choice was a 3D printing company based in Belgium - ZiggZagg, and a leather crafting company in Moldova, my home country - Intermarpel SRL. It was the combination I was looking for: technology and traditional leather crafting. The partners were very helpful during the whole journey of the project. I visited both partners to better understand their technique and way of working. This offered me an in-depth idea about future possibilities regarding product development and production.


At the moment I reached the stage of a final product that is ready to be launched on the market. I have also approached a few retailers, who are interested in selling my bags collection. For the future, I am looking into upscaling and diversifying my brand, as well as funding and commercialization of my brand.


I believe this project is a valuable kickstarter for creators who have a unique and innovative vision. It pushes the boundaries of the current fashion market and fosters synergy across various sectors. It helps to find suitable partners and provides the necessary support and information through the Worth Platform to progress your project.


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