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Acerbis launches the first collection by the new art direction of Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces

After the launch of the video of the first collection curated by the new art direction of Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces, Acerbis unveils the new showroom that houses all the products.

This setting hosts the first Acerbis collection curated by the new creative direction of Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces, who have imbued the works with an invigorated emphasis on the brand’s signature lacquers, along with the strength of materials, potent new proportions, and high-geared colors inspired by Italy’s vintage racecars.

Each archive design was carefully chosen to highlight an era of iconic experimentation, and to create a forward-looking survey of Acerbis’ beautifully useful icons: a foundation grounded in the potent heritage of this pace-setting brand to commence a new chapter of Acerbis.

Among the reinterpretations, a playful, spirited pillar of drawers, the Storet cabinet epitomizes the visionary touch of Nanda Vigo’s designs, now modernized with a brightly lacquered wood contrast and brand new proportions.

With the precision and vivid identity that Gianfranco Frattini imbued in his work, the Maestro table was designed to conjure function and perfection in living spaces. Today it becomes grander in its scale for modern entertaining needs, and more dramatic in its material impact. Emblematic of the rigorous designs of Gianfranco Frattini, the Gong table reemerges with his quintessential grace and flair of form, now in diverse heights and diameters — a family of proportions for sculptures, plants, and other decor.

Celebrating stainless steel in the Bauhaus tradition, the tubular chrome-framed Jot chair by Giotto Stoppino takes its swooping, balletic form into the contemporary era with a new version purified of any paint or dye that would hide the essence of its powerful metal and rawhide leather elements.

In envisioning new styles of living, Roberto Monsani imagined solutions to reshape the home, and the Life couch — so avant-garde it was never produced in Monsani’s day — retains its modern edge. Maintaining its modular and flexible design, today the sofa’s original lucite frame has been elongated and updated with versions in natural walnut and black ash for contemporary living ideals.

With a daring approach to materials, the Menhir table becomes a composition of colors and textures that eloquently illustrate the sculptural simplicity of Giotto Stoppino’s inventions of new forms.

Reflecting Giotto Stoppino’s role as a leading exponent of modern Italian design, the Sheraton cabinet combines a sleekly groundbreaking shape with innovative functionality. The winner of the Compasso d’Oro in 1979, the seminal design forms part of the collection at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, and today sees new editions of the wood cabinet finished with Acerbis’s distinctive glossy lacquers in contemporary tones of paprika red and pine green.

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