MAYYA SALIBA is a circular start-up focused on finding solutions for the future of fashion. This work explores how a sharing economy could tackle the problem of under-utilisation in fashion. Across many categories, consumers have shifted away from traditional ownership to newer ways in which to access products. MAYYA SALIBA developed a new strategy and designed circular products meant specifically to be durable in reuse. In laboratory, they assessed the life-expectancy and the performance of two innovative circular textiles by simulating a rental environment, using various scenarios, and through repetitive mechanical ISO tests. In parallel, with the help of Lena Fashion Library and GreenBuzz Amsterdam, they evaluated which are the rental shop’s bestsellers and why. Based on the results, they studied and established a list of parameters- such as cut, shape, colour, composition - to consider when designing a successful rental collection. They produced two prototypes: a jacket made from Piñatex, a vegan substitute to leather made from pineapple waste, and a dress made from Waste2Wear twill from recycled plastic bottles.



Mayya Saliba is an award-winning is an innovation incubator working on design-driven solutions for the future of fashion. While they advise other brands and initiatives on circular economy strategies, their own line of products demonstrates their achievements in research and development.


Lena Fashion Library is a concept store based on the re-use philosophy. It offers customers a borrowing option, in which their curated collections can be rented through a subscription. 


GreenBuzz Amsterdam is a peer-to-peer network for professionals active or interested in sustainability. They organise diverse events and formats focused on different sustainability topics.

Additional support: Eurofins, Piñatex, Waste2Wear, Brunello.



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