Designers Michele Giacomelli

A universal designer with the obsession that everything must work.


Michele Giacomelli has been working in the architecture and construction sector for 15 years.

He has designed all types of houses, from wood to reinforced concrete, in search of more advanced systems allowing beauty, functionality and durability to interact, at a time when they are increasingly sacrificed for beauty.

Over the years, Michele Giacomelli has exalted the prefabricated building concept applied to a project, which refers to a system of solutions that require an overview and skills to meet current market demands, which are based on flexibility, eclecticism and innovation.

The challenge of Michele Giacomelli’s design system blended with the great experience and the large market in which Fontanot operates today, giving life to the Diva staircase, a successful model of product industrialisation that excellently combines design and functionality. And the result works.

Nation: Italy
Birth date: 09/07/1981
(39 years old)
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