Designers Merck - Un Tocco di Eternità!

Can the best be made better? We believe there is always more to a person, material, or method than people would have you think. Drawing on a wealth of tradition – our company history steeped in inventiveness, expertise, and of course hard work on behalf of our customers – we work day-in, day-out to provide you with valuable functional solutions that empower you to write the future.
We offer everything from perfect surfaces and conductivity control to solutions for durable marking and the authentication of products and banknotes.
For your business, that spells more: More functional advantage. More durable, practical, and attractive products. More possibilities. More customer appeal.

Empowering Surfaces - add that something special to your surfaces. We help you to create novel protective coatings, extremely practical and safe conductive floorings, and coating materials with a visual difference.
Protective Coatings: Wondering how to preserve the shiny bodywork of your car, or the beautiful façade on buildings? Explore more and discover how our binder materials help create protective coatings.

Simplifying Identification - maybe you need durable markings on your products, maybe your priority is brand protection, or maybe you have mono crystals for X-ray machines on the shopping list. We provide the perfect solution for your needs.
Lasermarking – Can Light Be Eternal? Using our laser sensitive pigments you will be able to create reliable and accurate markings that stay forever - eternal so to say. If you are wondering how laser marking works, visit our laser portal.

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