Designers Jurande

Jurande is a brand curating limited editions of fine artisanal home décor. Jurande brings authenticity and elegance to interior design while being gentle on Earth’s resources.

With roots in Morocco and India, Jurande was founded by two friends united in their love for fair-trade practices: Imane and Sayantani. 
Jurande aims at sourcing timeless artisan-made products from the forgotten corners of the world. Artisans are at the core of its identity. Jurande supports global sustainable development by not only paying artisans fairly, but also by giving them a platform and the recognition they deserve.

Jurande is full of treasures such as traditional berber rugs with unique patterns, exquisite handira throws, arabesque lighting, traditional leather poufs and entirely personalized statement pieces. All items are unique and tell a story. All handmade, they reflect skills and techniques passed down through generations. Also, they’re made using predominantly natural raw materials, including naturally vegetal dyeing.

Jurande is on a mission to challenge “fast design” and establish that stunning can indeed be synonymous with sustainable. The future is fairtrade. 

Nation: France