Designers Livio Ballabio

Livio is an architect with a degree in industrial design from the Politecnico di Milano with Raffaella Crespi - known as “the custodian of the Italian design” - as a tutor. With her he also collaborated in the academic sphere. Son of furniture makers, Livio grew up appreciating the art of furniture-making, while at the same time experimentation has always affected his way of being.

At the start of his career he established different partnerships, both in the academic and in the manufacturing world, among which the one with Cappellini International as well as with Paola Navone and Rodolfo Dordoni. 

He is currently CEO and creative director of some of the most important firms in the furniture industry. Following his own versatility, eclecticism and influences, he has made ambitious attempts in various furniture fields, always trying to go beyond conventions and usual modus operandi. A result of this personal approach is the new brand JCP, another challenge with the aim of going beyond what today is inadequately called “the world of design”.

Nation: Italy